WELCOME to L'eau el le Vent

L'eau et le Vent creates a brand new way to eat and a new exotic style of food and views that are sure to create an environment you will never forget. L'eau et le Vet will be open to anyone and will have extra feature of having a catering hall for visionaries that want a one of a kind experience for their guests. Its healthy menu offer our customers both a relaxed atmosphere to learn about the helthy trends in cooking as well as experience the amazing menu items. Set in the glow of the Eiffel Tower, L'eau et le Vent is designed to enhand the ambiance that people from all over the world come to witness. Using glass as the main structure, customers will be flooded with the romantic iews of the Siene River, feel they are partying the night away with the evening happenings and also have the romantic view of the tower. Diners won't miss a thing with our one of a kind glass dome that has two levels in order to make certain where ever you are you can daze upon the stars in a 360 degree view of the city of lights in our unique glass dome.


Local, organic ingredients, a smartly crafted wine list, unique drink selections and a one of a kind atmosphere set L'eau el le Vent apart. Among the memorable dishes: stir-fried cumin lamb with red bell peppers and jalapeƱos, house-made pot stickers and incendiary Dan Dan noodles. FIVE STARS

In The News

A known green earth friendly company, the owners of L'eau el le Vent hosts its third annual "Food for the Less Fortunate" fundraiser. Every Monday, L'eau el le Vent opens their doors to help feel the less fortunate in the area. Always making certain to provide healthy choices for those who find themselves needing an assist.